Organizing workshops galore for a bunch of famous photographers in the desert. #bliss 


Palm Springs Photo Festival is a ton of fun to produce for!


Photographers featured AND theIR workshops:

ROGER BALLEN: The Fine Art Photography Master Class

JILL ENFIELD: Alternative Processes: How to Combine Digital and 19th Century Technology to Make Extraordinary Albumen, Platinum / Palladium / Van Dyke Prints

RALPH GIBSON: The Fine Art Nude Workshop

ASHLEY GILBERTSON: Documentary Photojournalism: Photographing on Assignment

GREG GORMAN: The Fine Art Female & Male Nude

STANLEY GREENE: Documentary Photography & Photojournalism: The Thin Line Between the Eye and the Heart

TIM GRIFFITH: Architectural Photography: Building Relationships

GREG HEISLER: The Environmental Portrait

TODD HIDO: Fine Art Photography: A Method Demystified

NELS ISRAELSON: Lighting Portraits in the Digital Era: Speak Softly and Carry a Hard Light

ELENA KALIS: Photographing Models Underwater

ANDY KATZ: Color in the Landscape

DUANE MICHALS.: The Master Class

MALLORY MORRISON: Photographing Models Underwater

DAVID MUENCHDesert Light: Color in the Landscape

RJ MUNA: Lighting for Beauty & Fashion

FLETCHER MURRAYThe Basic & Advanced DSLR Video Production Bootcamps

FRANK OCKENFELS III: The Signature Portrait

IAN RUHTER: The Past & The Future: Working with Wet-Plate Collodion & Tin Types

BRIAN SMITHStudio Portrait Lighting

ART STREIBERAn Editorial Photography Business Crash-Course

GLEN WEXLER: Manufactured Realities: The Art & Process of Conceptual Photo Illustration

STEPHEN WILKES: Narrative & The Big Picture